The Fertile Clinic

As a women's wellness and womb specialist I am here to help you with all of your struggles and problem areas and that includes fertility.

I have spent a valuable amount of time studying and practicing what it is that will help create an amazing fertile journey for you. Fertility starts within the mind then the spirit and then the body.
I will help curate a program and hone in on the areas that I am confident will help create a gentle experience into motherhood for you.

Fertility and conceiving should be stress-free and whimsical and I am here to help create the perfect environment that embodies that for both you and your womb.

       What you get:
  • Learning how to track your fertility.
  • Learning how to listen to your body and your womb.
  • Implementing nutritional advice. 
  • Counseling + Support
From the time spent of the initial consultation to curate a meal/diet plan tailored to you and your needs. Together we will create amazing strategies that will allow you to play a hands-on role in your fertility journey. We will work together to help you better understand your menstrual and ovulation cycles while preparing your body, mind, and soul for conceiving. We will chat about how it is that you plan to conceive (i.e insemination) and incorporate it into your personalized fertility plan. 

I  thrive on the belief that infertility and other womb complications can be reversed through conscious nutrition choices and practices. Together we will partake in an empowering experience of using holistic nutrition and practices to help you achieve the most natural type of fertility experience it is that you want and deserve. 


How can I help:


  • Eating To Conceive Nutrition Plan
  • Ovulation Tracking Plan
  • Counseling Sessions For Emotional Wellness
  • Personally Developed Recipes, Broths, + Teas
  • Yoga + Meditation Guides


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