As a birth doula, nutrition consultant, childbirth educator, and women's wellness specialist - I am here to guide you to the knowledge you need to live your best self. I am here to help you live a more balanced and intentional life through nutritional consultations and services. Whether you are looking to aide your womb health, skin and hair, or just needing a plain 'ol 7-day reset, I am here to help you through it. I am passionate about making health holistically available and accessible at a reasonable price and location - so I work with you, your schedule, and your intuition through carefully crafted plans and methods curated just for you.

I am also able to guide you through your birth plan and prep and pregnancy needs. I am here to usher you gently into these many stages of pregnancy and motherhood through a specifically crafted plan that we've curated together just for you. As your birth doula or your birth consultant, I will be available for all your of questions and needs.

I am here to help you live well and love and lead you to your best self.

What you get:
  • Understanding your body and your womb.
  • Building a gentle and healthy relationship with your body and womb.
  • Learning how to implement mind - body - soul connection.
  • Learn how your nutrition nourishes your body.
  • Support from me during the transition into your new lifestyle.
  • Learning how to listen to your body, womb, and intuition.

How I can help you through my Birth Services:

  • Birth Doula
  • Childbirth Education
  • Pregnancy+ Postpartum Nutrition Plans
  • Birth Plan Prep
  • Personal Chef + Recipe Developer
  • Pregnancy, Birth, + Postpartum Coaching
Also available for blessing ways + baby showers (inquire for more information).


How can I help you through my Wellness Services:

  • Detox Plans
  • Skin + Hair Complications
  • Nutrition Plans
  • Mind - Body Consulting + Coaching
  • Personal Chef + Recipe Developer
  • Digestive Complications
  • Stress + Adrenalin Fatigue
  • Hormonal imbalances + PMS + PCOS Nutrition Consulting

How to get started:

New to my services? You get a FREE first-time consultation along with a nutrition list that you can use as a start into your new lifestyle of intentional eating (valued at $35!).

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